Welcome to County Employment Services

Under contract with Blue Earth and Steele counties, MRCI is the Employment Services Provider (ESP), providing a variety of employment services for recipients of Minnesota’s Family Investment Program (MFIP), Diversionary Work Program (DWP), Supplimental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Refugee Services. Though the menu of services varies by County, the eligibility requirements are the same. All participants we serve must be referred by their County of Residence and must meet certain criteria for each specific program. Please go to the links below or contact your local County Human Service Office for specific eligibility information.

MRCI WorkSource is currently the largest provider of both community based supported employment and center based extended employment in Minnesota. MRCI offers more than 65 distinct programs, including welfare to work services, which serve more than 3000 people from Southern Minnesota and Southern Metro areas.

Under contract with Blue Earth and Steele Counties, MRCI provides a variety of employment services to recipients of Minnesota’s Family Investment Program (MFIP) and Diversionary Work Program (DWP). Working closely with MFIP & DWP recipients, Financial Workers, Caseworkers and local Employers, CES utilizes funding to provide long term case management services, job skills classes, subsidized wages and CWEP programs to effectively assist participants in securing permanent employment.

MRCI has over 16 years of experience working specifically with Supported Work Programs. Through our many successful years of program development, CES/MRCI is pleased to offer comprehensive long term services to our Clients, our Employer Partners and the Community.

Every adult who is the caretaker of the family and is receiving public assistance (MFIP/DWP), is required to meet with County Employment Services (CES) to develop an employment plan that maps out the quickest route to the participant becoming employed and the family exiting the program.

CES works closely with participants and their program caseworkers, to identify and develop specific skills, document work history, assess educational needs and overcome any barriers to employment.

CES Accomplishes this by Providing:
  • Individual Customized Employment Plans
  • Skills Training
  • GED/ESL Training
  • Structured Job Search Classes
  • Community Work Experience Programs
  • Work Try-Out Opportunities
  • Job Placement Services
  • Support Services/Programs
  • Coordination with other Community Resources
  • Job Retention Follow-up
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